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Dear Legionnaires:


With the start of the new year of 2015 membership, I'm very pleased that our Commander Bob Dionne has picked me to be your Membership Chairman for 2015. My Vice Chairman is Bill Hooley (PDC). I know we have a long road ahead of us to make our goal this year. But I know we can make it.


The Commander and I attended the Membership Workshop weekend of Aug 1-2. The workshop was broken done by three groups, 1 - Department Commanders and Department Vice Commanders, 2 - District Commanders, 3 - Membership Chairman / Membership. I'm hoping next year we can have more from the Department to attend.


Our Goal for 2015 is 18,800, it just a couple of hundred over last year. How we got this goal was; 1 - we added 4 new members to almost each Post, 2 - The Posts that have large number of none renewals, we cut those numbers in half, 3 - Unfortunately each Post will have to make up those members who have been call to the Commander of us all.


Our 5 year plan from last year, which was updated by our DEC is to reach an all-time Department high by 2019 which are 27,262 members. It's not a goal we can't reach if we all work at it. But I'm more looking be around 22,000 or more.


Our first goal of 50% is September 10; please get all transmittals into the office ASAP. They need time to work on them.


  • Membership packages will be going out this coming week.

  • My first Membership meeting will be September 6 2014, 12:00pm at Post 21 Concord


We will be doing revitalizations this year. The Districts so far are 1&8 in November 2014 and hopefully 2 more after the New Year. More information will be for coming.


Here are some numbers from National HQ'S;

Our National Renewal Percentage Rate is 87.21%, 20th of the 55 Departments.

Our Market Penetration Percentage Rate is 24.25%, 9th of the 55 Department. (This is the % of Veterans of our state that has joined the American Legion. Total Veterans in NH is 78,360 by VA account).


Getting members into your Post is the responsibility of all members. Everyone knows a Veteran and some of those have never been asked to join. This is the longest time period that a Veteran can join the American Legion. From the first gulf war 1990 to present, it's over 24 years.


Getting new members;


  • Get a listing of the Veteran Tax exempt from your City/ Town Hall.
  • National Guard and Army Reserves Units in your area.
  • Go after those members who have dropped out and haven't renewed.
  • Work on those Post 200 and DMS members to transfer to your Post.



  • The Project Stay Active members who move into your town.
  • Adopt a Veteran program, Veterans living in nursing homes in your area.


Veteran's Appreciation Day / Open house of your Post:

Place an article in your local newspaper, inviting all Veterans to come and see what the American Legion can do for them and their families. Have your Post/Membership Committee start planning now!!


Remember the 3 "R"s - RECRUIT - RETAIN - REINSTATE


"The American Legion Four Pillars of Service"

"Defense - Veterans - Youth - Patriotism"


If you have any questions or have more ideas, please feel free to contact me either e-mail or phone.


Still Serving America,

Mark "Grim" Grimshaw,

Department Membership Chairman

The American Legion Department of New Hampshire

603-918-7545, e-mail nhmembership@comcast.net

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